Grand Finals Draw

Sunday 17/9/2017 in Newcastle

09:30 6th grade vrs Tigers

12:30 7th grade vrs Wests

Finals Results

5th grade vrs Wests (0-0 full time) (0-1 extra time)

Wests managed to score in the 1st half of extra time from a PC. Knocking 5ths out

2nd grade vrs Souths 2-5

Souths won during standard time.

6th grade vrs Wests (3-3 full-time) (3-3 Extra Time)

Plenty of injuries but 6ths pulled through on rankings highest eam  to play next week.


7th grade and 6th grade are through to the grand finals so wake up early next Sunday and GO RAMS !


Finals Draw

Sunday 10/9/2017

5th Grade 9:30 Maitland vrs Wests – West Field  Newcastle

2nd Grade 12:30 Souths vrs Maitland – East Field Newcastle

6th Grade 15:00 Maitland vrs Wests – Maitland Park


Semi-final Results

7th Grade Maitland vrs Wests (2-2 Full-time) (3-2 Extra Time). Col Sacco, Matt Graves, Gary Urquhart

With only 1 player on the bench, it was a long game against wests, with Col Sacco finding the backboard in the 2nd half of extra time off a short corner, after the manager decided to pull Glen from goals in a last ditch attempt to get a win. 7th Grade go through to the Grand finals, in 2 weeks.

6th Grade Maitland vrs Tigers (0-0 Full-time) (0-0 Extra Time)

6th Grade technically lost being 2nd on the table and play again next week in the finals.

5th Grade Maitland vrs Colts (1-0 Full-time) Nick Lowe

Scoring the only goal in the first half. 5th grade dug in to defended hard keeping Colts out until the final seconds. 5th grade play next Sunday in the finals against Wests

2nd Grade Maitland vrs West (1-0 Full-time)  Nathan Baker

CT what a save ! CT kept a clean sheet under a barrage of attack including saving a penalty stroke. Where as Baker showed he is always dangerous when a careless full back let him net a cross ball.  2nd grade a play next week in the finals.

PHL Maitland vrs Souths (1-4 Full-time) M Brown.

PHL have been knocked out of the finals series.

Finals Junior Boys

Friday 1/9/2017

7:30pm B Grade vrs Norths

Semi Final Draw

3/09/2017 in Newcastle

09:30 7th Grade vrs Wests – East Field

11:00 6th Grade vrs Tigers – West Field

12:30 5th Grade vrs Colts – South Field

14:00 2nd Grade vrs Wests – West Field

15:30 PHL vrs Souths – West Field

Congratulations to all teams that made the semis 5 out of 6 Grades !

Parking is limited to on-site at centre. Stadium car park not available. 

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